My Closet Room/It’s my styl

“It’s My Styl is the individual-style app for everyone with a passion for fashion and craving for clothes”


Analyze the entire communication from website to e-mails and app as well as share thoughts on the business model.

The presentation

It is divided in 4 main parts:

  1. Volumes & their quality
  2. Business model
  3. In-app Conversions
  4. Campaigning

The app acquisition part takes a deeper look on the data and explains how to increase volumes & their quality

Within the business model there is quite a big potential to increase app usage by eliminating the mandatory sign-up and allowing users to browse through the functionality beforehand.

The next part about the In-app Conversion takes the conclusions from the business model talk further by presenting a new way of designing the first time user experience (FTU) to decrease early churn and increase adoption.

For better campaigning, the initial focus was put on E-mail improvements and new ways of targeting push notifications especially suiting the purpose of the It’s my styl app.


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