Growing amount of Start-Ups

What other European cities can learn from Stockholm

The moment you have attended your 1st start-up event at SUP46 (Start-up people of Sweden) or any of the other amazing start-up hubs here, you will find yourself being absolutely excited. Promised! But that’s just the start. After 3 months and dozens of events, I’m still flashed every time I meet new entrepreneurs and hear new amazing ideas.

Sweden and especially Stockholm have – over several years – created an environment pushing forward innovation and entrepreneurial thinking across industries. VC’s – early stage investors, crowdfunding platforms (Funded by me) and even the ones from the other Scandinavian countries- have quickly noticed it and are present everywhere in Stockholm.

Just recently Stockholm’s Start-Ups scene has seen more than 10 huge investments within one month! That wasn’t only a new record for the city but apparently also one for Europe.

Still wonder why Stockholm is a great place for Start-Ups? It’s one of the cities with the highest amount of companies that actually make it. Here some examples:

So, come visit Stockholm and get infected with the innovation virus!


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