4 Steps to Successfully Grow Your App

Thousands of Startups are failing every year due to missing growth and many more struggle to keep up the pace.

Here is the solution – the  4 Stages of Growth:

1. Positioning
  1. Select niche
  2. Identify key benefits
  3. Draft attractive headlines
  4. Use in communication
2. Acquisition

How to convert users for free in a consistent and repeatable way

  1. Growthhacking
  2. Content Marketing
  3. SEO (deeplinks are indexed by Google)
  4. ASO
  5. Referrals
  6. customer service
    1. Attribution (Which channel they come from)
    2. Deeplinks (company: branch)
3. Activation


  1. First 30 seconds
  2. Onboarding plan
    1. progressive onboarding
4. Retention


  1. Mobile Marketing Automation
    1. Personalize
    2. Schedule
    3. Messaging
    4. A/B-Test
  2. Push
    1. Don’t ask in the beginning
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