A simple way to prove the value of data-driven marketing

Too many companies of every size and industry are still struggling to join the data-driven marketing community to deliver outstanding customer experiences and revenues.

Here is an absolutely simple and easy way to set up e-mail campaign approach to prove everyone but especially your boss how valuable every piece of data can be for producing better results.

So, let’s imagine you run weekly or bi-weekly e-mail campaigns – hopefully you do because it is one if not the most powerful communication channel – to your customer base that has some very basic targeting (region, product in use, gender, etc.). Your average amount of responders (defining the amount of customers that have taken your desired action) is at 1,000 which is let’s say a 10% Conversion Rate. You are happy with it and your boss regularly congratulates you on the great results that are delivered.

Now, let’s take this a step further and add follow-up e-mails based on the action that was taken or not taken by your customers. We create 2 new mails:

  1. Follow-up e-mail for customers who did not open your mail
  2. Follow-up e-mail for customers who opened your e-mail but did not take your desired action

Give your customers around 3 days – which is what I have experienced the number of days after which an e-mail doesn’t convert anymore – and follow up with the two groups above.

Group 1 obviously needs a new subject line that is hopefully more engaging for them. You will definitely see an open rate below the one from mail 1 but will be surprised how many of your subscribers just didn’t seem to like the previous subject line. Let’s assume this mail will be delivered to 60% of the initial list and will give you another 10 – 30% of responders. Amazing, isn’t it?

Well, it gets even better. The remaining 40% minus those who converted will be e-mailed with a follow-up offer with a benefit. It can be a small discount, a different USP argumentation or simply the introduction of a social pressure element. You will be surprised how your customers can get crazy about a 10% discount or a text telling them that already 1,000 purchases have been made. Without promising too much, this follow-up can increase your response rate for about another 70%.


All in all, sending simple follow-ups can double your response rate and give you unique insights about the behavior of your customers. It will help you to create more groups, e. g. there will be customers who never open your mails, so don’t message them too often and get your data-driven marketing strategy going!

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