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Christian not only grasps the most complex business cases quickly, but can explain it in the most simplest manner, to anyone and everyone. His strong technical understanding further helps the team long way. His confidence and decision making skills make everyone look upto him with high regards. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Christian. I hope to work with him again !!
Manish Ramrakhiani – Senior BI/DW Engineer at Rebtel
Christian has been one of the main pillars for the development of Rebtel’s services. His analytical, driven and communicative attitude has made possible the improvement of old products and development of new ones, always delivering with high quality. He is interested in every aspect of the company not only limited to his role, and he constantly exceeds expectations. He makes things happen!

He has proved to be not only excellent at his job, but he is also a great colleague. Always willing to help, and made me feel welcome since day one. He will make a brilliant addition to any team!

Tatiana Morena – Social Media at Rebtel
I worked with Christian with a web analytics project on a consulting project and I only have good things to say about him! He is quick, skilled in his work and very nice to work with.
Tove Iggström – CMO @ Bannerflow
Christian is a true expert in growth, metrics, and analysis. He did a quick analysis of Weld’s data, then recommended a few actions that had immediate results on our usage and sales.
Tom Söderlund – CEO Weld
Christian is very professional data driven marketer. He has helped lunchback to build the internal KPI from acquisition , activation to engagement. Under his help , we are able to identify and track the problems in the user flow cycle. I would recommend Christian for any startup which needs to be data driven and looking for data driven solution. Everyone talks about lean startup but Christian is one who truly understands what it means when it comes to measurement.
Jimmy Zhao – CEO Lunchback
I worked with Christian in numerous occasions and successful projects like the launch of a consumer product recommendation engine during my time as VP of Sales and Business Development at Avira.

He is a great professional who not only embraces, but is looking forward to change. He has proven many times his knowledge of product user experience and is always willing to go the extra mile!

I hope to work with him again one day and I am confident he would be a great contributor and leader to the success of any team

Thorsten Bruchhäuser – VP Business Development at Solute GmbH
I’ve worked with Christian for a year in the Online Monetization team. We were a handful of people responsible of a big piece of the company’s revenue. Despite his youth, Christian had an important contribution to the team’s success. He’s smart and ambitious to get the job done. From campaigns to business requirements and business development, he adapted fast to any given task. He would often come up with creative campaign ideas or solutions to different problems.

The pressure was high in our team, but he handled it without complaints. Very reliable individual. I highly recommend Christian. I would gladly work with him again anytime.

Georgiana Florea – Senior Online Marketing Expert at GloriaFood
Christian is a great online MarComm strategist with an incredible ability to take a big idea and successfully implement it. His expertise in setting up and optimizing campaigns, as well as his substantial data analyzing skills, drove us to beat plans and expand our footprint.

Pour reliability, excellent communication skills, and incredible work ethic on top of the above picture and you’ll know that you need him on your team if you have an online match to win.

Andrei Petrus – Seasoned Product Manager at Avira
Highly recommended: I have worked with Christian for 3 years. Over that time, I have witnessed him successfully reinvent himself as he was called on to progressively take on new and greater responsibilities. Throughout, he has demonstrated an impeccable work ethic, holding himself to the highest standards and helping bring out the best from his peers. For his intelligence, congeniality, critical thinking, and hard work, I can only warmly recommend Christian to any employer.
Leor Nadison – Senior Concept Developer at Avira
Christian is very smart marketing manager with great ability to create creative and, at the same time, very well performing projects and campaigns. I like his ‘marketing’ brain with concentration to needs of specific users. It was my pleasure to work with him together in one team.
Ondra Bumbalek – Senior Campaign Manager at Avira
I worked with Christian in numerous occasions while I was at Avira and I could see him grow from an bright and enthusiastic marketing intern to a smart and successful campaign manager. His abilities to fastly adapt, accumulate deep knowledge, bring positive energy and get things done are outstanding. I personally hope I will have the chance to work again with him and I am confident that anyone that will have will enjoy doing it.
Ana Pobleanu – Product Manager at BullGuard
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