“Behöver du någon som passar hunden, bärhjälp, datahjälp, eventpersonal eller någon som monterar ihop Ikeamöblerna? Vi har tagit fram ett enkelt och säkert sätt för dig att få hjälp av andra privatpersoner med tjänster och ärenden”


Analyze the website and provide insights on conversion improvements as well as the necessary actions.

The Action Plan

  1. Increase conversion from Visit2TaskPosted
  2. Increase conversion from TaskPosted2TaskSolved
  3. Increase the quality and amount of Runners

Action Item 1 – Increase conversion from Visit2TaskPosted

New Homepage
Main Page

The proposal for the new homepage includes a full-screen page with a clear focus on one Call-to-Action that will bring more visitors directly into the “Post task” page.

New Post Task Page
Uppdrag Page1

The first page of “Post Task” is massively reduced to ensure visitors only have to fill out information that is necessary from their point-of-view. At the same time it is a “mobile first” approach which is why the design is simplified.

Uppdrag Page 2

While the first page only focuses on questions specific to the task, the second page asks for personal information of the visitor. This way, the boundary is lower to offer personal information because the first step is already taken.